How to Develop a Hypnotic Voice

by Antonio on May 16, 2012 |

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How to Develop a Hypnotic Voice

Would you like to develop a hypnotic voice?

You’ll love this hypnosis podcastif you want to develop a hypnotic voice.  Laura Spicer is an expert in how to develop a hypnotic voice.  Whether you want to persuade people or just sound better – Laura has some excellent advice.  Has it ever occurred to you that in just a few minutes a day you could be well on your way to a totally new voice?  When you’re listening to this podcast I’d like for you to think about what kind of changes you’d like to notice in your own voice.  Would you like your voice to be deeper, more charismatic, richer, more sensual, etc?


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The secrets to develop a hypnotic voice:

We all have heard voices that seem to draw us in no matter what the message may be.  One of the secrets to develop a hypnotic voice is sensory acuity.  If you know anything about Hypnosis or NLP you know how useful sensory acuity is.  For the rest of you, sensory acuity is basically having fine tuned senses.  The other secret is pay attention to how people are reacting to you.  I don’t want to get two wrapped up into how to improve sensory acuity.  I’m planning on creating a podcast devoted entirely to fine tuning the senses.  Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter below so you know when this podcast is released.  Here is a small recap of things that *can* help to develop a hypnotic voice.

While this podcast isn’t entirely devoted to developing the voice, there are some good nuggets thrown in by Laura.  I might have to record a free hypnosis teleseminar with her on vocal development exercises.  Interested in this?  Subscribe to the newsletter below to get instant access when we do this.

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