Dual Induction Hypnosis Techniques explained.

by Antonio on July 22, 2012 |

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dual induction hypnosis

Dual Indudction Hypnosis techniques are all the rage!

If you like Dual Induction Hypnosis mp3′s then you’ll LOVE this Hypnosis Podcast.  In this podcast with Lloyd Glauberman we talked about Dual Inductions.  About how he developed his own style.  Even how they were first mentioned.

It was definitely a blast, learning about the history of Dual Induction Hypnosis techniques.  If you haven’t heard any of his audio programs make sure to check them out.
They really are some of the best hypnotic recordings on the planet.

Dual Induction Hypnosis techniques – what makes it so special?


There is something magical about a well produced dual induction hypnosis track.

Done well they hold a lot of potential.  They are the epitome of a hypnotic masterpiece.

With two stories playing at the same time you tend to get some unique results.  Stories within stories.

The fact that two stories are gently competing for your attention causes a little bit of overload to happen.  This overload easily leads a listener into a trance state.

A well crafted Dual Induction Hypnosis mp3 can generate really powerful trance states.  Trance states that can be used to effortlessly reprogram the subconscious.

“People go to a hypnotist in order to be manipulated” CLICK TO TWEET


What makes a good Dual Induction Hypnosis mp3?

There are a few things that must be in place. 

  1. Creativity.  Creativity needs to be in high gear when making Dual Induction Hypnosis recordings.
  2. Excellent stories/metaphors.  Without a good set of stories a dual induction is just random rambling in the ears.
  3. A good speaking pace.  This is something that Lloyd covered in the podcast.

Dual Induction Hypnosis




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