Hypnosis Podcast with Roy Hunter about parts therapy and more!

by Antonio on February 2, 2011 |

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Roy Hunter is the expert on Hypnotic Parts Therapy

Hey folks, sorry its been quite some time since the last Hypnosis Podcast.  I had to take a little break from doing the podcasts to deal with the holidays, and other matters.  Now I’m back, batteries charged, and ready to move full force ahead!

Roy Hunter of www.royhunter.com is a gem in the hypnosis/nlp community.  His books are used in many hypnotherapy trainings across the globe. If you want to learn how to use parts therapy for inner conflict I would suggest checking out Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy. This is the seminal book on Parts Therapy. His other books, The Art of Hypnotherapy, and The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques are two books that no hypnotherapist should be without.

In this podcast with Roy Hunter and I, you will learn:

  1. Parts Therapy and how it originated (If you’re an NLP oriented person, you may not want to listen to this)
  2. How aversion therapy may possibly land you in a ton of legal trouble
  3. His take on the spiritual applications of Hypnosis (This is the first time he has mentioned this ANYWHERE! I got the exclusive dish straight from Roy Hunter.  Thanks Mr. Hunter!)





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