Marketing for hypnotherapists – how to make more money

by Antonio on December 7, 2011 |

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Marketing For Hypnotherapists

Marketing For Hypnotherapists

Its easier than you think!

This Hypnosis podcast titled “Marketing for Hypnotherapists” was from my last Free Hypnosis Teleseminar.  The guest on that teleseminar was Master Hypnotist Steven Michael Roehm.

What kind of Marketing for Hypnotherapists did Steve talk about?

  1. What kind of marketing technique pulled in the most clients
  2. Online Marketing for hypnotherapists
    • Using email newsletters to get people talking about your services!
    • Using social media to market to a worldwide audience
    • Using webinars and Teleseminars to hit a wider audience
  3. How to get started with little to no money

Recently I met Steven at a recent Conversational Hypnotherapy training.  While I was at this training I had the chance to be hypnotized by Steven.  If you ever get the chance to be hypnotized by Steven DO IT!  His level of skill is quite impressive to say the least.


P.S. If you have a website I would appreciate a link to this podcast.  You can use the HTML below.

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P.P.S. Was there something that Steven Michael Roehm didn’t cover?  If you have a question leave a comment below for him.





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1 Antonio Perez December 12, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Marketing for hypnotherapists – how to make more money via @hawaiihypnosis


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