How to master hypnotic storytelling

by Antonio on June 22, 2012 |

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Master Hypnotic Storytelling

Are you ready to master hypnotic storytelling?

Would you like to learn how to master hypnotic storytelling?  If so, Robin Manuell can teach you how to master hypnotic storytelling.  In this Hypnosis Podcast Robin explains how taking an improv class is vital in learning hypnotic storytelling.  This is something I had already figured would help with storytelling.  In my opinion an improv class can help to teach you full body communication.  Storytelling is one of the oldest skills in history.  Without good storytellers we wouldn’t have half the advancements we have today.  A good storyteller can inspire us to reach for the stars, persuade us, or just plain take us on an inner mental journey.

Who is Robin Manuell – the master at hypnotic storytelling?

Robin is a world renowned master Hypnotic Storyteller who was mesmerized by Richard Bandler and his ability to weave stories.  He’s been on the Hypnosis Training circuit since 1994.  He is sought out by nearly everyone who wants to develop a hypnotic story mindset.


Considered by many to be the master of hypnotic storytelling.  Theres no wonder why he’s teaching an upcoming course with Igor Ledochowski.  This upcoming training will help you to master hypnotic storytelling.  It takes place September 30th, Oct 1st, 2nd at the Amsterdam Hilton.

“During this immersive three-day course, Fortune 100 coach and trainer Robin Manuell, and renowned hypnotherapy trainer Igor Ledochowski, will reveal the communications skills used by the world’s top orators in their business and personal relationships. You will learn how to rapidly inspire trust, build rapport and nurture profound and lasting connections, in any given situation.

Over the course of three days, we will lead you through a series of presentations and activities that will empower you to be able to communicate with confidence and authority in any given situation. We will guide you gently through the art of telling personal stories and you will learn and practise how to recognise and frame your experience and the experience of others in positive ways that increase happiness, freedom and choice. You’ll walk away on the third day with a renewed sense of purpose, of who you really are and what is authentic for you.”

To discover how to master hypnotic storytelling make sure to check out this training.

Discover why Igor Ledochowski has called him “Hands down the BEST hypnotic storyteller I have ever come across!”

“Hands down the BEST hypnotic storyteller I have ever come across!”Igor Ledochowski Tweet Me

If you want to become an amazing storyteller make sure to check out his hypnotic storytelling master class below.

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P.S. If you can make it I would like to suggest that you check out his upcoming training in Amsterdam.



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