“Who else is interested in a NLP, Life Coach & Honolulu Hypnotherapy Training?”

by Antonio on October 11, 2012 |

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Honolulu Hypnotherapy Training

Recently I interviewed Master NLP trainer Kevin Cole about NLP.  He gave my audience some really good information that people can put to use right away!

We talked about using Hypnosis and NLP for anxiety, trauma, and even in emergency situations!

We even talked about his upcoming Honolulu Hypnosis Training this November.  If you want to get some quality training in Paradise now is your chance!

One of the things that makes Kevin an awesome trainer is his compassion.  This is why I contacted him a while back about running a honolulu hypnotherapy  training.  He has personally helped me to make some pretty amazing changes in my own life.  What separates him from the other trainers is the lack of ego.

What is this Honolulu Hypnotherapy Training all about?

My Trainer, Kevin Cole, founder of Empowerment Quest International NLP, Life Coach & Hypnosis Training Seminars and very good friend of mine is coming to Waikiki  in November and take it from me, you absolutely do not want to miss training with him…

Kevin is currently the ONLY NLP Trainer in Hawaii offering full certification that is licensed and approved by the co-founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler and because he’s such a good friend of ours, we’ve convinced him to offer not only his incredible- life transforming training, but we’ve also convinced him to throw is TONS of bonuses that are going to make it irresistible for you to not take advantage of. check it out

What People Are Saying About Kevin Cole & His

NLP, Life Coach & Hypnosis Training…

“Many men speak of being a servant leader and assisting their fellow man in becoming more. But few have the courage, determination and willingness to walk the path of the student teacher to make it happen. Kevin Cole is a shining example of the kind of time tempered knowledge and experience that it takes to pull it off.

Always willing and eager to share his wisdom Kevin travels the world educating himself with experience and filling his tool box with cutting edge technologies all aimed at making a difference in the lives of anyone who has the privilege of being in his presence. With a style all his own Kevin is a skilled speaker and a loyal friend.”

Joseph McClendon lll

Head Trainer for The Anthony Robbins Companies

Check out this Honolulu Hypnotherapy Training?

“I want to thank Kevin Cole and Empowerment Quest International for giving me one of the most extraordinary weeks of my life. It was not only exciting, but enjoyable, unique and much more than I had planned on. I think that this was in many ways the missing ingredient to my own success plan.


Most of all, I respect Kevin for really putting himself out there and reminding me that the most important thing in my life and the lives of those that I touch is; Self Love…Forgiveness…and Having a Purpose…”

Jordan Belfort

International Speaker & Best Selling Author,

“The Wolf of Wall Street”

“who else wants is interested in a Honolulu Hypnotherapy Training?

“Dear Kevin, I want you to know that experiencing your training was just the catalyst I needed to jumpstart me out of stagnation in my life! You teach with sincerity, skill, humor and loads of wisdom — which made all the difference in opening me up to a shift in perspective and igniting a more positive outlook. My career as a personal fitness trainer requires that I communicate enthusiastically, effectively and with powerful influence to help my clients get results. Learning and using NLP & EFT enables me to help my clients make deep and meaningful changes in their lives and my personal training business grew as a result of expanding my skill set!

Thank you Kevin for the positive experience!”

Lisa Lawn

Personal Trainer

“who else wants is interested in a Honolulu Hypnotherapy Training?


“Kevin Cole is amazing; he brings a life experience equal to that of a man three times his age, yet he is grounded, stable and wise. His ability to utilise events in his past to explain and mould future possibility is also incredible. I have seen Kevin work with some difficult and traumatic situations into which he is able to inject his own compassion and deep respect and love for those around him. He is true to his ethos and his word is binding. An engaging and knowledgeable trainer, he works with small and large groups with equal effectiveness, building trust and empowering those around him. He is a true master of his art and a pleasure to know.

Andy Tankard (UK)

Creator of ‘A Sporting Chance’ high performance team development

“who else wants is interested in a Honolulu Hypnotherapy Training?

“This course opened my eyes to the world of behaviour change. Kevin Cole and Empowerment Quest International gave me tools to get to the core of what really matters for the client. I used to get frustrated when my clients wouldn’t “listen” to my advice. I now guide my clients to seek out their own strategies for a vital life. I recommend this course to all who want to help themselves and their clients in new ways.

Thank you Kevin!”

Melony dos Remedios

Personal Trainer (Melbourne, Australia)

“who else wants is interested in a Honolulu Hypnotherapy Training?

“Thank you for being such a remarkable leader and giving everything you have to all those you work with. It is strikingly apparent that you are “the real thing”. You hold incredible integrity with what you teach and what you demonstrate in real-life situations. You really went out of your way for me and I will always be grateful.Your clients are fortunate to have a trainer and coach who is also a true role model.”

A big hug to you, Debra Russell

General Manager
The Anthony Robbins Companies


Honolulu Hypnotherapy Training




P.S. Do you have any questions for Kevin Cole before you sign up for this honolulu hypnotherapy training?  You can call him directly at 619-602-3633 or 1-888-QUEST-80  You can also email him at  contact@empowermentquest.com

P.P.S. You can also leave a comment on this blogpost and leave him a question on here.  I’ll make sure he gets the question

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