Hypnotic Catalepsy

In this Hypnosis Podcast I interviewed Jess Marion about her upcoming talks at Hypnothoughts Live Her two talks are going to be freaking AWESOME! Listen to this podcast to learn about her upcoming talks. How to utilize hypnotic catalepsy for changework. Jess, a Trainer with the International Center For Positive Change and Hypnosis explains how [...]

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sean michael andrews

In this Hypnosis Podcast I interviewed Sean Michael Andrews. Sean Michael Andrews is one of the best Hypnotists on the planet – and the fastest one ;) Listen to this podcast to discover why Sean is considered an expert in the community.   What would you like to see included in a street hypnosis course? [...]


Street Hypnosis Course

In this Hypnosis Podcast I interviewed Vince Lynch about Street Hypnotism. Vince is one of the renegades in the Hypnosis Community. Listen to this podcast to discover why Vince is considered a renegade. Have you heard about the newest Street Hypnosis Course? Not every Street Hypnosis course is created equally. Vince has gone above and [...]


what is mindfulness meditation

What is mindfulness meditation? Is Richard Nongard trying to turn you into a Buddhist? You’ll just have to listen to this podcast to find out ;) In this Hawaii Hypnosis podcast I got the chance to talk to Richard Nongard (again). Richard explains what mindfulness meditation and contextual hypnosis are and how they work together. [...]


Best Hypnosis Scripts Hypnosis Podcast

Aloha!  In this Hawaii Hypnosis Podcast I’ve interviewed Mark Tyrell. Much like Bruce Lee and Milton Erickson, his approach seems naturalistic and formless. Mark is one of the founders of Uncommon Knowledge and Hypnosis Downloads. I wouldn’t advice you to listen to this podcast until you’re ready to learn how to create the best hypnosis [...]


Maui Hypnotists

Interviews with Maui Hypnotists NOTE: We have a Oahu Hypnotherapy training happening VERY soon (November 3rd). If you’re on this page I’m making some assumptions.  You’re either a) looking for a Hypnotist in Maui or b) you want to learn Hypnosis. If you’re looking for Maui Hypnotists you’ve come to the right place!  Also on [...]


hypnothoughts forum

Have you joined the Hypnothoughts Forum yet? In this Hypnosis Podcast I talk candidly with Scott Sandland.  This podcast provides a behind the scenes look at one mans mission to unify the Hypnosis community.  The Hypnothoughts Forum is Scott’s gift to the community.  He also started Hypnothoughts Live. Hypnothoughts was born out of the need [...]


dual induction hypnosis

In this podcast I’ve interviewed Lloyd Glauberman, one of the experts of the Dual Hypnosis Induction technique. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to record a dual induction listen to this podcast! These types of Hypnotic audios can be highly useful for the analytical types. Discover how dual inductions can easily be created…


Street Hypnosis Exposed

Street Hypnosis Exposed! In this newest Hypnosis Podcast my guest was adamant about one thing.  This being that Street Hypnosis is making Hypnosis look bad.  Its high time to have modern Street Hypnosis Exposed as what it is! A travesty. Reg Blackwood aka the Quicknotist is on a mission!  If it wasn’t for him and [...]


Master Hypnotic Storytelling

Are you ready to master hypnotic storytelling? Would you like to learn how to master hypnotic storytelling?  If so, Robin Manuell can teach you how to master hypnotic storytelling.  In this Hypnosis Podcast Robin explains how taking an improv class is vital in learning hypnotic storytelling.  This is something I had already figured would help [...]

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Hypnosis Podcast Chris Morris

Hypnosis Podcast Exclusive! In this Hypnosis Podcast I had a chance to talk to Chris Morris, creator of www.nlpconnections.com.  Recently I discovered that Chris decided to closed down NLP Connections.  Chris and I had talked about recording a Hypnosis Podcast a few weeks ago.  As soon as I learned of the news about NLP Connections [...]


How to Develop a Hypnotic Voice

Would you like to develop a hypnotic voice? You’ll love this hypnosis podcastif you want to develop a hypnotic voice.  Laura Spicer is an expert in how to develop a hypnotic voice.  Whether you want to persuade people or just sound better – Laura has some excellent advice.  Has it ever occurred to you that [...]


Hypnosis Without Trance

Hypnosis without Trance – what is it? Watch the Hypnosis without Trance Review on youtube In this Hypnosis Podcast, James Tripp explains what Hypnosis without trance is.  Keep in mind that this is nothing new.  At first I wasn’t sure what to expect when I would talk to James.  He brought up many good points [...]


Clean Language Demonstration

Clean Language Demonstration In this Hypnosis podcast I interviewed Clean Language facilitator Judy Rees. In this podcast Judy and I talk about: Clean Language and what makes it clean An upcoming Clean Language Demonstration Using Clean Language for Sales & Persuasion Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed


Hypnosis Podcast

Who should I interview for the Hypnosis Podcast? Do you have a favorite Hypnosis/NLP trainer?   If you had the chance to ask them a question what would you ask them?  Go ahead and leave me a comment below and let me know who you think I should interview. Upcoming Hypnosis Podcast‘s I already have quite [...]


Marketing For Hypnotherapists

Marketing For Hypnotherapists Its easier than you think! This Hypnosis podcast titled “Marketing for Hypnotherapists” was from my last Free Hypnosis Teleseminar.  The guest on that teleseminar was Master Hypnotist Steven Michael Roehm. What kind of Marketing for Hypnotherapists did Steve talk about? What kind of marketing technique pulled in the most clients Online Marketing [...]

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Core Transformation Training

Core Transformation Training – The Low down! What can you expect with a Core Transformation Training?  List to this podcast with Taylor Sherman of the Washington D.C. Hypnosis center to learn more.  If you are anywhere near this event you should really think about taking this training.  I recently had my friend run me through [...]


Provocative Hypnosis Book

The Provocative Hypnosis book by Jorgen Rasmussen is a MUST have.  If you’ve ever had a client that “refuses” to change, then look no further!  I’m only two chapters in and I’m already enthralled.  In this podcast Jorgen explains how the Provocative Hypnosis book came to be. WARNING : This Hypnosis Podcast is NOT for [...]


hawaii hypnosis practice

Struggling with a Hypnosis Practice? Improve your Hypnosis Practice with this Hypnosis Podcast John Weir of http://www.hypnosisbusinesscoaching.com/ has some great advice for you about starting a Hypnosis Practice in an upcoming Teleseminar that him and I are conducting. John Weir is a board certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor, and Business Coach. This man knows the ins [...]

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how to conduct an online hypnosis session

This podcast hasn’t been recorded yet.  If you have a lot of experience with online hypnosis sessions (facilitating them that is) and you want to help with this podcast please contact me by clicking HERE If you have stumbled onto this blogpost because you are looking for an online hypnosis session for yourself feel free [...]

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Ericksonian Hypnosis Expert Daniel Jones

Ericksonian Hypnosis expert Daniel Jones dishes it up in this exclusive Hypnosis podcast! Daniel Jones reveals the following Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Techniques: Milton Erickson’s secret technique to secretly plant suggestions in someone’s mind How to secretly put someone into the deepest of trances Erickson’s simple methods of teaching people to dramatically improve their observational skills [...]


What is it like to get a tattoo under hypnosis

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Jay Noblezada

Jay Noblezada is the man! I can’t actually verify this, I’m just going off of what he told me  ;).  In this podcast Jay Noblezada of www.htglive.com talks about his recent hypnosis training with Anthony Jacquin in Las Vegas and an upcoming training in taking place in San Diego September 16th-18th 2011. While I was [...]


Anthony Jacquin

UPDATE: The contest ended on June 30th 2011. Anthony Jacquin, one of the worlds premiere head hacking experts reveals a TON of information in this podcast.  Anthony Jacquin is a true talent in the world of hypnosis and personal development. Highly qualified and experienced in his field, he is a therapist, consultant and trainer.  Anthony [...]


Head Hacker Anthony Jacquin

Should I release the Anthony Jacquin podcast? Is Anthony Jacquin revealing too much? I need your help to decide whether or not to release this podcast with Mr. Jacquin.


Head Hacking Vince Lynch

ATTENTION ATTENTION: Anthony Jacquin of  Head Hacking is offering two completely new Head Hacking products in an upcoming contest to three lucky winners on this website.  To know what products they are just listen to the brief message from Anthony below.   Vince Lynch (on the far left), one of the members of the Head [...]


1952 Hypnotism Act

The truth about the 1952 Hypnotism Act Recently I had the privilege interviewing Jonathan Chase from www.jonathanchase.com.  Mr. Chase has Britian’s leading hypnotism act.  This hypnosis podcast on the 1952 hypnotism act (and much more) was a very impromptu podcast.  By very impromptu – I mean I sent Jon a message on Facebook and asked [...]

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Advanced Age Regression

In this Hypnosis Podcast Randy Shaw talks about: Advanced Age Regression Techniques (from tapping, to EFT, to releasing, and more) His own personal journey of healing with the help of his business partner Matt Sison Why direct suggestion sometimes just will not cut it. And much more on Advanced Age Regression Techniques Randy Shaw from [...]


Magician James Brown

Hypnotist and Magician James Brown is one of the top Magicians in the U.K. With a very unique blend of Hypnosis and Magic he has definitely carved a niche for himself.


Are you ashamed of your emotional eating habits?

Are you the type of person that has had a problem with emotional eating habits? Do you have a favorite food that you crave – the kind that just makes your mouth start to water just by thinking about it?  If so, you may want to read on.  Even if you aren’t overweight you may [...]


Reg Blackwood

Reg Blackwood – What can he not do?  Reg Blackwood  (creator of the extremely popular Streetnosis Hypnosis Training) is a hypnotist/hypnotherapist, a magician, and a rapper!  Yes you heard me correctly, a rapper.  Reg you better watch out, I’ve got a rap cooking up in my brain to battle you with ;) When you listen [...]

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Tom Nicoli Interview

Tom Nicoli Interview In this Tom Nicoli Interview, Tom shares with me: Why he created World Hypnotism Day Five things that can improve a Hypnotherapists success rate An impromptu hypnosis session for you to listen to become aware of the power of hypnosis The BEST FREE online resources for learning hypnosis/nlp And much much more [...]

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Roy Hunter is the expert on Hypnotic Parts Therapy

Hey folks, sorry its been quite some time since the last Hypnosis Podcast.  I had to take a little break from doing the podcasts to deal with the holidays, and other matters.  Now I’m back, batteries charged, and ready to move full force ahead! Roy Hunter of www.royhunter.com is a gem in the hypnosis/nlp community.  [...]


Hypnotist Kevin Cole

In this Hypnosis podcast I had the pleasure to interview Kevin Cole.  Kevin Cole is a hypnosis professional with a heart, and this comes across in this podcast.  When you listen  to this blog post you will learn many invaluable lessons. In this podcast Kevin Cole talks about: How he took care of his intense [...]


Stephen Brooks of British Hypnosis Research

In this Hypnosis Podcast, I interview world renowned Hypnotherapist Stephen Brooks from the U.K. When you listen to this podcast, you will get a glimpse into the mind of a master hypnotherapist who’s main objective is to help people bring upon massive changes in their life. You will also find out how he does this, so you can do this as well.


Hypnotherapist Phil Farber

In this hypnosis podcast, I talk with Phil Farber author of Meta-Magick: The Book of ATEM, about his large body of work which includes: Hypnosis and NLP His thoughts on Richard Bandlers interest in Magick  (Richard Bandler has endorsed most if not all of Phils books). Magick, and its synergetic relationship with Hypnosis and NLP [...]

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Hypnotist Richard Nongard

Richard Nongard on Instant Inductions and more! Well folks, here is the first offical Hawaii Hypnosis Podcast with Hypnotist Richard Nongard..  In this podcast I interview Richard Nongard from www.subliminalscience.com.  Richard Nongard has been studying and practicing hypnosis for the last twenty years.  He learned it first in Graduate  school from one of his professors. [...]